DSC_000112.29.12   It feels like the grandfather clock in the living room is winding down.  There’s not a ripple on the lake and the gray clouds hang low.  In the long night, when I awaken and look out through the slats of the bedroom shutters, it is a total white-out with the clouds back-lit by the full moon, blending into the snow-covered ground.   By day, there’s the pale blue-gray lake and the dark green-gray pine forest to add a little contrast.  And, it’s so dark.  The Solstice doesn’t change anything here until February.  We are now on pause in this  week between Christmas and New Years, and on the cusp of moving into the heart of Winter, January.  Not quite ready to take down the Christmas decorations.  Not quite ready to begin the change of a new year.  It feels like a good time to listen to music, skim the contents of a new book, peruse the on-demand movies, go to bed early.  Just pause for awhile, looking at the snow through the window, turning on the Christmas tree all day, lighting the candles.  It requires some patience; but not too much.

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