New Views

DSC_002401.16.13  I took a final photo of the Christmas tree last night.  It has now been dragged to the slash pile and the needles have been swept up.  We’ll have the scent of that Noble Fir for months to come in the vacuum bag, but it’s time to move on.  Now there is a clear expansive view from my living room’s wall of windows to the lake.  Except I can’t see the lake because of the fog.  They said on the news they are seeding the fog at the airport to help dissipate the low ceiling for incoming flights.  The inversion is forecast to be with us until at least the middle of next week, rising a bit during the day and sinking back down at nightfall, making the mornings particularly dark and closed in.

It seems everyday someone makes a comment to me, “it sure gets kinda depressing this time of year.”  The skiers talk about how nice it is to go up the mountain above the fog where there is apparently sunshine.  It calls for real vigilance now…to notice the flock of geese flying low over the lake, in startling contrast to the white-out conditions.  And you have to be quick to notice the pink streak in the fog this morning when a tiny sliver of sun broke through for just a moment.  The eagles are easier to spot in the trees and the pheasants are splendidly bright in the snow along the road.  It’s a good time to have a colorful bouquet of flowers on the table.

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