Supercooled Droplet

_raindrops01.26.13  Freezing rain this morning. On the EarthSky blog, there was an explanation as to why there is freezing rain when the temperature is above 32 degress:

“Freezing rain is simply rain that falls into a shallow layer of cold temperatures that is below freezing.  When this supercooled droplet hits an object, it then freezes and becomes ice.  Freezing rain is the most dangerous winter weather element as it can paralyze cities…”

So, it was treacherous running on the slick roads, and I turned back, parking my car at the top of the road, too dangerous to slide into home.  I walked down through the woods, camera around my neck, looking for something good in the beginning of this day.  This poor headless angel is always having her picture taken.  But what a lovely supercooled droplet had formed on her wing.

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