Valentine’s Day

_DSC001902.14.13  My mother gave me these ruby red goblets as a wedding present in 1967.  They have graced my tables now for 46 years, always looking especially beautiful at Christmas and Valentine’s Day.   As time goes by, I get more and more reluctant to put them in the dishwasher since they, and the history they now represent, are irreplaceable.

They always looked spectacular in our Alamo house dining room with the blue and red cabbage rose wallpaper on the sloped ceiling, trimmed by white crown moulding, and the dark walnut floors, the rich mahogany table and chairs cushioned in a deep red diamond patterned fabric.   We had lovely family birthday dinners for my Valentine’s Day daughter, hanging red hearts from the brass chandelier with a fire in the fireplace.  There was that February 14th I arrived home, frazzled from work, lonely for the girls at their Dad’s house, when my new husband had beautifully set the table with the red goblets and a delicious gourmet meal he’d ordered from a caterer.  And, the goblets are beautiful here at the lakehouse, catching the very necessary moment when there was sunshine in February.

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