Sun & Surf

_DSC000603.18.13  There WAS some sun this St. Patrick’s Day after all!  You can see it here on the angry surf I talked about early in the day.  What you can’t see is how I felt, coming home from the St. Paddy’s Day party at the brewery, where the previously-shy bartender sat on a stool and played a banjo and sang Irish ballads and we all clapped out the rhythm.  And you can’t see how excited I was to see the sunshine on the water, just before sunset, as we walked down the stone steps to our house, and how I yelled for my camera, ran down the grass to the rocky shore, followed by the winter-fat kitties we found as babies on our doorstep two years ago.  And you can’t see how cold I was, kneeling in the rocks for the photo, as the freezing wind blew off the lake, and how warm the kitties’ fur still was from the late afternoon sunshine.  And you can’t see how happy I was at the end of this day.

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