At the beach


03.27.13   The lake is now at its lowest point, creating a big beach for us.  Everybody comes out on a sunny day, especially when it’s windy, to fly a brightly colored kite.    It feels like one of those huge city parks, with broad expanses of grass, and you remember how much you just wanted to break into a run across it, and roll down the hills, when you were a kid.  We walked for several miles to the inlet of the Flathead River.  There was still a little frozen ice on the edges and the Swan and Mission Mountain Ranges sparkled with their frosted sugar icing, white and dazzling in the late afternoon sunshine.  When we left around 6:30, more kids were coming out to the beach.  Imagine how great that would be to finish your supper, rush out to the cool beach air, jump over the logs, run around with a driftwood stick, with still a good hour or so before homework, bath and bedtime.  I love that cold fresh air scent which children bring back with them when they come inside.

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