Summer is coming!


06.05.13  How did this happen so fast?  I go to bed at night with sunlight streaming through the windows, though the Solstice is still two weeks away.  It used to be so easy, without the light, without the pull to be outside in the sunshine.  I had my long slow still mornings, waiting for the weak light to pull me out of the house for some meager jog.  A few household chores, soup recipes to consider for dinner, an afternoon chilly walk, candles, reading my book by the fire, study the news, think about life.   So small, so simple, so contracted.

Suddenly, life is expanding with the pull of summer and its infinite possibilities.  I live in a place  in which you can live all of summer in one single day.  I rush out of the house for classes at the college, which I would never drive to in winter with the snow and everlasting darkness.  I know I should go for a bike ride, take a hike, water the flowers, have friends for dinner!  I must  not miss a minute on the ferris wheel of summer.  I am exhausted today.  And all I have done is wipe down the outdoor furniture cushions.  After all the complaining, weeping and gnashing about the long, cold, foggy and dreary spring, it appears I need to train up for summer.

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