June Rains

rain at window

06.18.13   The June rains are forecast to return tonight, and are in the forecast as far out as they publish their predictions.  We are behind in moisture, during this, our rainiest month, and after Colorado’s Black Forest wildfire last week, rain is a good thing. The string of sunny, warm weather we’ve had the past week or so was enough to trigger the summer nostalgia I get every year. I wrote a poem about it for my writing workshop.  I’m glad for the pause these rains provide, so I can stay vigilant.

Nostalgia in June

My summer memories are coded in sensual details.
Cool silky water in a mountain lake,
Sunset light between slats of an Adirondack chair,
The slap of a window shade on a hot muggy night,
A distant lawnmower’s hum, and the sweet smell of sunshine
In bed sheets hung on the line.

Yet when June arrives, faint melancholy drifts over me
like the chilly breeze off still-cold water.
It comes on when I notice kayaks, fallow beside the lake,
Stalled boats moored to docks, or a circle of lawn chairs
With no one there. Frozen scenes which fill me with mourning
For time which has not yet arrived, disappointment in what didn’t occur.
Did Summer give me what I expected? Thought I deserved?
Was it everything it should be? Was it how I remember?

It calls for vigilance, or I will miss it,

while I’m already missing it.

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