End of July


07.30.13  The month of July is closing down.   Finally, a huge weather change is in the forecast with cooler temperatures and even some rain.  The wheat is golden, the swallows are leaving, and Canadian geese are already flying by overhead.  Early this morning, I saw the renters next door load up their car trunks with suitcases and coolers.  By evening, the blinds in the cabin will be drawn and the laughter and chatter that drifted through the woods will be gone.

Every year, in the first week of August, we talk about how Fall is coming soon.  How there is cool air behind the warmth and shadows are getting longer.  Autumn is my favorite season, even as it’s bittersweetness makes me so tender-hearted.  Until then, there is something special about these late summer days, with mornings so much darker, and evening light descending sooner.  You can sense the change which is coming.  You know time is now very short, and there’s an urgency to slow it down, savor these days, feel them gently slipping away.

My family comes to visit a week into August, so we still have time for grandkids to swim in the lake, fish off rocks, and lots of voyages in rafts, canoes and kayaks.  There’s badminton and ping-pong, s’mores at the campfire, and lakeside dining and imbibing by the adults.  Savoring this time with my favorite people in all the world!

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