Half Full/Half Empty

bits of summer

08.07.13  My friend, Rita, said she was enjoying these “summer-y bits without the extreme heat.”  What a lovely way to think about what’s left of summer.  The mornings are so chilly and it smells of Fall before the sun rises, still high in the sky.   It takes until early afternoon for things to warm back up into summer time and I’m closing the windows at night now.  I can’t remember when we last had the ceiling fan going in our bedroom.

If you sit in the shade, it’s a wee bit chilly, but if you sit in the sun, it’s a wee bit hot.  It’s one of those half full/half empty times.  On one of the art blogs I follow, the author wrote she was “heavy with the sorrow of summer fading.”  Summer-y bits which are heavy with the sorrow of summer fading says it just about right.

1 thought on “Half Full/Half Empty

  1. Mary

    Just finally got caught up reading your blog. You are so amazing Rebecca. Your writing, photography and insight into “real life” is spiritual reading for me.


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