Wolf Moon

wolf moon

01.17.14  We watched the Wolf Moon rise over the sugar-coated white peaks to the east last night, and now she drops this morning behind the western mountains, leaving a streak of white across the calm lake.  I hardly know what to make of these sunny dry days.  Since last week-end’s wind event and bitter rainfall, the plowed roads are now dry and icy snow banks are pushed to the edges.  Sunshine dances on the water and green grass has been exposed.   A pair of deer this afternoon were drinking from the rock bird bath outside my kitchen window.  I almost expected to see a robin.

With friends at dinner last night, we lamented the dearth of blizzards and thunderstorms, and all manner of dramatic weather here in our Valley.  We shared tales of woe from Chicago, Boston, and places where power is shut down for days, highways are emptied of traffic, and first floor windows are shrouded by snow drifts.  Oh wouldn’t it be nice, sometimes, we thought.  We live in a place where the weather is soft.  A moderate climate, really, cozy under a big gray cloud that lingers most of winter.  People from places where the sunshine blazes down upon them all year long, think this part of the country experiences harsh and brutal winters.  But, it’s just not true–not in this northwestern corner of Montana, closer to Seattle than to the eastern edge of the state.

The weather prediction is for a high pressure system to linger here for a couple of weeks and stagnant air will settle in over the valleys.  With wood smoke from chimneys,  and sand and gravel kicked up from the highways, a haze develops throughout the day and hangs over us.  It makes it feel like someone pressed the pause button.  Winter just took a time-out.  It’s way too early to think about our long and rainy Spring.   But what to do now, that’s the question.

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