Waning Winter Days


02.20.14  It’s still snowing, when it’s not raining or the sun’s not shining.  And, single digit low temperatures are forecast for the week-end.  NOAA’s discussion for next week includes phrases such as, “a very interesting pattern is taking shape”, “another shot of cold, arctic air”, “the potential for another big snow event is there”.  But it looks and feels so different now, late into February.  Our broad valley has been covered in a kaleidoscope of clouds, changing shapes and colors in the wind, with rainbows between snow bands.  The lake has added aqua to her many shades of blue and gray.  As someone said the other day, “it’s a spring cold now instead of winter cold.”

And the light.  I can see it linger over the western mountains at 7 p.m. and there’s plenty at 7:30 a.m. to go for a run.  It’s clear and clean and crisp.  The kitties are taking their afternoon nap in the wicker chairs on the porch outside our bedroom, enjoying the southwestern exposure to the sunshine; they even seem to be losing their chubby fat sausage winter shapes.

No matter the temperature, you can see the sky being scoured of winter these days.  I took this photograph at Somer’s Bay on my way back from town in the early afternoon.  I stood out by the water, corn snow pelting me and blowing in great gusts, and looked out over the sailboats docked for the winter.  It’s easy to imagine now, how they will look on a late summer afternoon, sunshine caught in their white sails.  I used the new waterlogue app on my iphone photo because that’s how it felt to be there, on a waning winter day.

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