A New Season


03.12.13  We came home to a brand new season!  In two weeks, everything has changed.  During our 2500 miles of driving, we endured treacherous icy roads in Wyoming with -28 degree temperatures,  and icy roads into Bozeman yesterday which shut down Interstate 90 for a time.  Then we arrived home to spring light and warm rocks at water’s edge.  There was a cacophony of song this morning on our run as the great migration of birds begins over the valley.  The white wings of the tundra swans dazzled in the sunlight as they flew over our heads.  The pair of Canada geese are nesting down at Hamm’s old place, just south of us, and someone has put grain out for the couple who return to Johnson’s Pond, nesting dangerously close to the highway.  We saw a fox and an eagle, and even the common deer were beautiful this morning, as they leaped along the narrow strip of land next to the river.  What a grand homecoming!

When my daughter, Valerie, lived with her little family in London, I would often be out with the baby buggy at twilight, or on a walk to the market for something we needed for dinner.   I remember the times I was feeling homesick, walking past lovely stone buildings with the draperies still open,  golden light shining through stained glass leaded windows in cozy living rooms.  Feeling like a tired, droopy, old grandmother, I would imagine that a smart and dapper couple were about to have a cocktail party, the room filling with the tinkle of ice in crystal glasses, and smooth jazz music in the background, women dressed in high heels.  Oh, I could do that if I were only home…never mind that I can’t remember ever going to a “real” cocktail party, and high heels are reserved for the occasional fancy wedding out-of-town!  Returning home late yesterday afternoon, with that light bouncing off the lake into my living room windows, was simply the best “cocktail party” ever.

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