Finding green


03.28.14  You can imagine being in Ireland with this green moss and the sound of the waves on the lake.  As I wandered around in the wet woods on this raw rain/snow day, it was a hopeful sight.  I photographed raindrops hanging heavy on bare branches and could see some little teeny-tiny budding on the ends.  Spring continues to struggle getting here.  Snow geese are still hanging out with the returning Canada geese, who are beginning to make their nests near frozen ponds.  They must be confused about why they should keep flying north when all is still so cold.

It’s a schizophrenic time for us all.  I trudge off to yoga class in down parka and snow boots, then sit for a few moments on a sun-drenched rock by the water late in the afternoon when I get home.   Don plans to ride his bike, then looks at the weather across the lake, and goes skiing again instead.  Today, tonight, tomorrow, they are forecasting rain, 100% of the time. It feels fitting, these final days of March.  It’s been a busy week around here, and snuggling into a comfy chair, wool throw, and my neglected book, doesn’t sound so bad, when that’s the hand you’re dealt.

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