April days

april days


04.08.13.  Here we are, already into the second week of April.  How can it be that we wait and wait for sunshine and light, and then when it arrives, we are so surprised!  When I walked into my hair appointment yesterday, the stylist asked me if it was cold outside, and when I responded, “no, it’s 61 degrees”, she said, “then why are you wearing that parka?”  At 7 p.m., I’m still enjoying a beer down at water’s edge, listening to lapping waves on the rising lake, wondering how it could possibly be time to fix dinner.

Every day, there is something new.  Yesterday, the barn swallows returned.  I thought the kitties, dozing on the wicker chair outside our bedroom, would have a seizure as they watched the birds flitting and darting over their heads, in and around the eaves of the roof.  There are buds on the branches of bushes around the porch, and today I will put a few in water on the dining room table and watch them open.  The sky is an ever-changing masterpiece.  This morning, there is not a ripple on the water, not a sound except birds.  Big winds expected this afternoon and rain showers at night, and snow showers on Saturday.  Who knows what will happen as each day unfolds in April!

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