Big Sky Country

May day collage

05.20.14  There was heavy rain mixed with sunshine all day yesterday, but the sun managed to light up the blues just before it set.  With so much moisture, the woods were filled with fog this morning at daybreak.   They call this “Big Sky Country” and there’s a lot going on up there in that big expanse, if you can look.  Seeing with “the mind’s eye” is the most important thing I can do in my day.  It constantly keeps me grounded to the earth, realizing that each moment comes and goes like the passing breeze, no matter how I go about my day.  When I am truly present, I will go to sleep and feel like the day lasted a lifetime, because I was there, in its flow, with all its richness.  Those days are hard to come by, of course.  “Life” has a way of getting in the way of LIFE.

I’m leaving again.  This will be a trip to celebrate retirement with a dear friend in Colorado,  and then to take care of grandchildren in Billings, so the parents can have a little holiday in DC, sharing time with her sister and husband who live there.  Even as they take me away, I know that these are rich and full moments in life.  They are every bit as important as days under Big Sky Country, here at my lake.

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