House painting


06.17.14  Another storm system has moved in.  The painters were able to work yesterday, high up in the bucket on the boom truck, but today’s, and tomorrow’s forecast is for 100% chance of heavy rain.  June is our rainiest month, and May is still too cold, and September might be too cold, so what can you do, when your house needs painted, but creep into the precious days of summer with a painting crew surrounding your house, wrecking your lawn with their trucks.  Sigh.

Magically, about dinner time, on most days, there is a break in the clouds and the sun warmly shines, and I rush to water’s edge to soak it all in.  Yesterday, the kitties came out of their hiding places someplace under dense bushes, and snoozed on my warm lap.  I filled myself up with the clean, cool, clear air.  The Lutheran Camp, just north of us, has their first week of campers, and three of them hurried out into the canoe during the sun break.  I listened to the squeals and shouts as kids jumped off the high dive and plunged into the cold water.  Did any of us mind cold rainy weather when school was out and we entered the enchantment of summer?

When I put down my book in bed last night, and went to the bathroom for the last time, there was a gorgeous golden sunset on the northwest edge of the lake, illuminating the clouds.  Late in September, the sunsets will be at the southwest edge.  I thought of all the days ahead, watching the glorious golden light move down the lake during the summer season.

There will be no sun break tonight.  The temperatures are moving down to the freezing point, and we brought firewood into the house.  I put a wool blanket out on the porch furniture for the kitties.  We wait.  We wait.


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