Long walk to summer

long walk to summer

06.27.14  There are two seasons in Montana–Winter and House Guests.  The rain clouds parted for our first summer guests and we were able to sit on the porch and enjoy the sunset down by the water, and wait for the light to leave the sky so we could go to bed.  Our guests left when the rain started again, as did the house painters, leaving their ladders behind for a sunny day.  Sigh–the project which will never end.

It’s such a long walk to summer, and then suddenly it’s here.  I have a friend who’s posting photos, identifying them as, “second day of summer” or “fourth day of summer”.  It’s rather alarming to watch her click them off.  I went to three nurseries this week to get a couple of container gardens for the porch, and found their inventory already sparse and straggly.  This happens to me every year.  Even as the 4th of July ushers in true summertime,  people are already proclaiming how it marks the second half of the season.

At last, finally, thank heaven’s, the weather is set to change on Monday.  NOAA is even threatening 90 degree temperatures for the 4th of July holiday!  We have great friends arriving on Tuesday, joined by other great friends on Thursday, so we’ll have a big BBQ, go to the parade, stay up until midnight for the fireworks, and declare it a “great old-fashioned 4th of July.”  New guests will arrive in the middle of the month.  Then, the annual family get-together, nineteen in all, happens the first week of August.  By mid-August, it’s rare for us not to notice the chill behind a warm and sunny day.



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