4th of July


Painted in Waterlogue

07.07.14  The Holiday has come and gone and we are fully into Summer now.  The hot afternoon sun is driving us into shady spots on the porch, cooled by lake breezes, and we’re sleeping with the ceiling fan humming overhead at night.  Just a week ago, I went to bed with socks on my feet and the down comforter pulled over me.  In a flash, we are under the bright light of Summer.

The house was filled with old friends and we did a proper christening of the new dock.  The kids jumped off the end into frigid waters and tried out the ladder for the first time.  Local friends came by in their boat and we found the tie-up cleats worked as planned.  We all climbed aboard for a lovely sunset cruise down the east shore and were delivered back to our dock at bedtime.

And, Summer’s main event–watching the sunset–was even better from the new dock.  There was a 360 degree view of the colorful fireworks all around the lake, and they were deemed to be the best ever.  Up above, In the middle of it all, the yellow half-moon dipped in and out of clouds and bright stars sparkled in the sky and water.  We all declared the dock provided a new perspective of openness and expansion.  Wasn’t I just saying that’s what Summer’s all about…

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