A little more Summer


08.28.14  With sunny skies and pleasantly warm temperatures, Nature has give us a little more Summer to enjoy.  Since June, Don has had the rubber bumper for the dock on order and it finally came into the marina.  I suggested he wait until Winter to install it when the water is low and he could stand on the ground under the dock.  I doubt any of the boat owner friends we have will be cruising by the house anymore at this late date.  But, it was a beautiful day, so he tied the power drill to his waist with a string so it wouldn’t fall into the water and leaned over the side, putting screws through the bumper into the dock trim board.  I sat on a cushion and held the bumper up and listened to the pinging of water against the steel ladder.  The lake was so quiet with just an occasional boat and the water was crystal clear; it seemed I could hear every ripple against the shore.

At some point in the operation, he announced he was done.  I could see there was still a big strip left to attach, and he had only put in the top row of screws.  But, dinner time was approaching, he was getting irritated that his work had flaws, and he said he wanted a margarita.  Who knows if this project will be completed yet this year.  I think he just got lulled into wanting a little more Summer.  The last guests of the season flew in this week and we’ve had another chance to be part of other people’s vacations, reminding us of how lucky we are to spend summer on Flathead Lake.


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