It all ends…


10.10.14  What a great re-entry these last few days at home.  With jet lag from being in Ireland, we’ve been wide awake at 4:30 a.m., which has been perfect timing to go down to the dock in the dark with our coffee, sit in the red chairs, and watch the full moon and lunar eclipse over the water.  Gorgeous, abnormally warm and sunny days have allowed me to just soak in Home.  But, alas, the National Weather Service announced today:

“It all ends this weekend as the fall season will be here to stay.  After a final day of sunshine, above-normal temperatures, and dry conditions, a series of cold fronts will plague western Montana & central Idaho beginning this weekend.   At or slightly below normal temps are expected, gusty chilly winds, and rain showers will occur Saturday and Sunday.  Monday will be a brief break as things dry out momentarily, only to go right back into an even colder, wetter pattern Tuesday onward.”

We knew it must come, but even this person writing the forecast can’t hide his/her sadness in describing the change– It all ends/fall season will be here to stay/a final day/cold fronts will plague/gusty chilly/rain/right back into an even colder wetter/onward.  Oh dear, oh my, sigh.  We spent this splendid day getting the boat out of the water and stored the lawn furniture cushions from the beach chairs.   I washed and put away lanterns and candle holders which were scattered all over the porch.  And we both spent the late afternoon sitting on the porch or down by the water, reading our books and listening to a cacophony of birds in the trees who talked for hours about the change to come this week-end.  Yesterday, on an equally stunning day, in the hour before sunset, I sat with my camera and took photos of the sun illuminating the remaining golden aspen leaves on the tree by the water.  I was too lazy to do anything else and couldn’t bring myself inside.   And, today, coming in at last for dinner, there were only a handful of leaves left.  By Monday, they will be gone, as it all ends.


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