Saving up…

tree saving leaves

10.23.14  There was a break in the rain showers and another chance to enjoy the lingering red leaves.  I had to laugh when I saw this tree on my walk yesterday–it looked like it was going to save some of its brilliant color for the gray and cold days soon to come.  That’s what I’m doing as well.  I drove down the east shore of the lake to photograph the cherry trees, but the light wasn’t right for the photo I had in my mind’s eye.  It didn’t matter.  I enjoyed stopping the car at scenic spots and walking up and down the road in search of treasure.  It was warm with a cool breeze off the lake and the air was tinged with wood smoke and sweet ripe fruit.  It was surprisingly quiet.  At one spot, I could hear a man whistling the most beautiful song.  I drove down to Blue Bay and took some photos of the same dock I shot in June when I wrote here about “The Long Walk to Summer”.  It was that same kind of quiet; only the quality of the light was different.  It seems a long time ago that I was impatiently waiting for summer.

Driving north back home, a yellow school bus came towards me, rolling up and down over the gentle hills.  I always want to sing “The Wheels on the Bus” at times like this.  The driver turned the yellow flashing lights on and I slowed down, anticipating the red ones to come on, but I was on the other side before I saw them.  Imagine how good it must have felt to jump off the bus and run home on this lovely late October day!  Saving up the good days in our lives.

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