In the thick of it…



11.05.14  The author of one of my favorite blogs started off her November entry with, “Oh, we’re in the thick of it, and it delights me.”  She goes on to talk about rain and cold and wet leaves, and posted lovely photos of hot soups and roasted vegetables, and candles at the table.  And, I, too, am snuggling into the thick of it.  Waves are roaring day and night out on the lake and there’s misty rain.   I thought October was my favorite month, but maybe it turns out to be November?  Oh Beware!  It is still very early and now is when the big gray cloud descends over the valley and obliterates the sun, which barely rises above the horizon anyway.  The NOAA forecasters are talking about temperatures down in the teens late next week.  Remember, it is still a full month before the Christmas lights go up to brighten the perpetual darkness.

Don finally stored away all the wicker porch furniture into the boat house.  For years, I would leave a few chairs with cushions on the front porch, knowing on a rare sunny day I could bundle up, wrap a wool throw around me, and enjoy the chilly air and sound of the waves.  After all those years in Colorado,  where we basked in the warm sunshine on crystal clear high altitude winter days, it was impossible for me to imagine it wouldn’t happen here.  Turns out I didn’t appreciate all this moisture.  Even under the covered porch, the cushions would be cold and soggy, and absolutely miserable.  I have to laugh when I walk down the steps from the garage to the house, and see the moss on our roof, wondering how I could have been so wrong about this place.

But, here I am, nearly a week into November, and it delights me–this Winnie the Pooh blustery day, and the rain and mist, and dusk settling over us at 4 p.m.  It’s early, I know, I know…but still.

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