Arctic air


11.15.14  I totally missed the arrival of the arctic front a week ago.  While Rita was running out to her garden to save a remaining red rose bud last Sunday, I was dining outside in 85 degree weather in Scottsdale.  Last night, I flew in well after dark so it wasn’t until this morning i could see the skiff of snow down by the dock and bundle up to take a photo from there of the ice fog on the lake, in 6 degrees.  Don had taken off the wooden screen doors from the wall of glass doors in the living room, and gorgeous blue crystalline light is filling the house–that Swedish winter light in homes with white-washed wood floors, pale lake blue walls, and sparkling crystal chandeliers.  Pure magic.

Upon learning I was from Montana, the fellow students in my Arizona art class declared, “You picked a great time to leave home!”

Kinda.  Most days there were in that perfect mid-70’s zone and the air was scented with flowers and birdsong was constant, and the waning moon was visible day and night in the blue sky.  Had it been February or March, I wouldn’t have missed Montana a tiny bit for one week.  But, the first arctic blast of the season, and I wasn’t here!  As luck would have it, I’ve made it back in time for the sunshine which always accompanies arctic fronts, and that white-blue light illuminating my cozy spaces.  It looks like clouds and rain will change everything by the end of next week.  Yep, I picked a great time.

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