ice skating

11.18.14  In most Novembers, we have a magical few weeks in which it is cold enough to make pond ice but hasn’t snowed enough to cover it, or rained enough to destroy it.  I have lovely photos from last Thanksgiving when the Miller family joined my family and grandkids for a bit of pond hockey at the head of the lake, in this same spot.  It was a frosty morning so the trees were draped in fog, and while the turkey roasted in the oven, we bundled up to go out on the ice.  We called it “an old-fashioned Thanksgiving”–the memories warm us all as we approach another Thanksgiving next week.

It was a lovely sunset hour yesterday afternoon when Don decided to go for a little skate.  Oh, I was tempted to put on my old hockey skates and wobble around on the ice–had I not done a very successful tree pose in yoga just that morning!  The seasoned outdoor veterans here were in Glacier Park this past week-end, skating on magnificent lakes and ponds.  And, I have such a vivid memory of the time ten years ago, when we hiked up to the Jewel Basin in November and skated on Birch Lake, and I could see fish swimming  through clear ice beneath my skates.

But, with the low sun casting its golden light over the ice, it was pure delight to watch the tundra swans gracefully floating in the open water, and the glint of sunlight on Don’s skates as he made crisp lines across the top of the lake.  Thanks, indeed, to days like these.

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