Long Night Moon

long night moon

12.05.14  There’s a full moon tonight and tomorrow night.  Sometimes it’s called the Yule Moon, because it’s nearest the winter solstice, and because it travels such a high path across the sky, it’s visible from dusk until dawn.  So it’s a Long Night moon, and according to Earth & Sky, it will be 98.8% illuminated by sunshine.  We’re forecasted to be cloudy, and rain is on its way after last night’s snowfall, so I won’t be able to actually see it tonight, but the snow and fog outside my bedroom window will be illuminated all night long.

We listened to the Orion space launch this morning at our computers.  The video when the arc of earth comes into view always takes my breath away.  Such an important perspective in these troubled times.  It was 42 years ago that a spacecraft designed for humans flew this far with the Apollo launch.   I was 25 years old and grew up in a time when we looked up to the stars and the moon.  It brings me such solace to know that the bright full moon will be lighting the darkness tonight, no matter what goes on down here on earth.   And, it’s our 27th anniversary today.  The Long Night Moon, Orion, our anniversary…there are good things to celebrate today.

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