Waiting for snow


12.13.14  In the five days we were gone to Bend, Oregon, the temperature here rose and the snows melted.   For two days, the airport was closed to fog.  Rain is pouring off the roof in the dark this morning.  For avid skiers like my husband, these are days that “try men’s souls.”

It was 45 degrees yesterday afternoon when I walked down to the dock.  The kitties came thundering down the sloppy wet grass after me, just like they do in the summer when I head down there with a deck chair and book under my arm.  It’s so quiet and still by the lake when it’s like this.  Their tongues made little lapping noises as they drank water at the edge of the rocks, while I stood there looking out at the dim light.  I heard the break of water when a Merganser popped up a great distance away.   The day before we drove to Bend, we stood for 15 minutes at the window, watching a Bald Eagle circle and dive into the water to catch a lone Merganser in the dense fog.   But, the duck saw the dim magnificent shadow skim over the water and dove down, just in the nick of time, over and over again.  We wondered who would tire first in their high drama act–finally, the eagle flew south over the tall pines.   I like to think the Merganser I watched yesterday was the survivor.

This dim and damp light suits me right now.  Once I’m unpacked and the laundry is done, and the house is clean and the pantry is stocked, I can wrap presents, send Christmas cards, bake cookies, and wait, slowly and quietly, for Christmas snows.

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