Winter Solstice 2014

solstice man

12.21.14  And, now it is Winter.  What a surprise to come upon this Old Man Winter effigy on our customary solstice walk at the head of the lake!  Usually, we are all alone on the cold and windy lake bed, sipping hot Irish whiskey, while sitting on a log partially buried in the ice.  But, some friends had built this magnificent driftwood sculpture, and we arrived just in time to watch them light the torch.  In the waning light, we huddled together in celebration of the “terrible beauty” of this season.

In the introduction to his CD, “If on a Winter’s Night”, Sting writes beautifully about winter:

“…despite the frequent foulness of the weather and the hardship of those who have to work outside, there is something of the Winter that is primal, mysterious and utterly irreplaceable, something essential to the myth of ourselves, to the story of our humanity, as if we somehow need the darkness of the winter months to replenish our inner spirits as much as we need the light, energy and warmth of the summer.”

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