Slowed-down season


01.04.15  Another major winter storm is moving in this morning and should hover over us until Tuesday.  The arctic air boundary is either 10 miles south of our house, or 10 miles north, so anyway you look at it, we should end up with 15-30 inches of snow or a mix of snow and freezing rain.  Already, our luge-run of a road is setting records for the worst-ever.  I’ve learned to be okay (sometimes) with being in a controlled slide down the straight section in my four-wheel-drive-studded-snowtires car, but am just not up to the challenge of the curvy sections (right now), so I park the car in a little pull-out on the road, and walk down the hill to home.

Lately, the road’s been so icy that it’s difficult to stand up, even with cleats on the bottom of my boots.  One morning when we were driving up to go for a run, I was horrified to see a young deer splayed out on our road.  This is a bitter season for them.  Luckily, he popped back up and ran into the forest.  Don said he had just slipped on the ice.

With only the mail to bring down yesterday, after I wedged the car off to the side of the road, I took the long way and followed the deer path through the woods, crisscrossing the hill, back and forth, on the path of least resistance which they had made.  Not being in a hurry, it was actually quite pleasant.  Snow covers the low bushes and fallen logs and as long as I stayed on their trail, I kept from tripping.  It’s always a relief to uncover a new strategy for living here in Winter; there’s a decision to be made every day of how to make your approach.


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