March closing down



03.27.15  I’m starting to miss March, as it begins to wind down.  We’re shrouded in dense fog this morning but it’s supposed to be sunny and 60 by the end of the day.  It was splendid out on the dock just before sunset last night, with not a breath of wind to make me cold.  When I stepped out on the porch about dinner time, I was startled by the loud flapping and rustling of big wings, and saw the pair of Canada geese descend down from our roof out on to the water.  I sat on the dock for a while, watching them, and petted the kitties who expect me each afternoon now.  We’ve been nestling down into the rocks to get out of the cold wind, but it was quiet and still on the dock yesterday with gray water meeting blue mountains, and that gorgeous thin silver line at the horizon, separating heaven and earth.

But, it’s the indoors I’m going to miss about March.  Light fills the living room until bedtime.  We often watch movies in the library, but have to keep hitting Pause, to watch the show going on outside in the long hours before last light.  In the summer, all this time is spent outside, down by the water or on the porch, but it’s still way too cold right now.  So, we are nestled indoors with a fire in the fireplace and candles on the table, cozy and warm in slow-moving time.  There isn’t the drama of Winter where snow is coming down on the other side of black windows in the dark.  No worry about being snowed in, or plagued by treacherous ice coating the stone steps to the garage.  Just a pleasant pause between seasons.

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