April unsettled


04.03.15  There was a skiff of snow settled over our Fir trees yesterday morning and it covered the little green buds on the willow bushes, making them look like pussy willows.  In town, it was sunny.  But, throughout the day, wide swaths of clouds blew in, then blew out, leaving blue sky, then blew in again, with great swirls of snow, then splats of rain, then sunshine again.  Unsettled April weather.

I made lunch for friends, in celebration of the April birthdays.  Like the old days in Colorado, where a bunch of us came together to celebrate birthdays, I’ve had the good fortune to be included in this birthday club for nearly twenty years now; they go back another decade or so together before my time and their history is deep.  Now, It seems, our one time each year to get it together–to come together–is in the Spring.  It is precious time–we all said so.  There is news of impending grandchildren, travel, treasures found, and lots of reports and photos of our children.  I even stood up to read Norah’s essay about why she loves Grandma’s house.

While we sat around my table, talking story, I thought about how we are aging.   Our skin is beginning to have that fragile ruffle you see in the daffodils.  Teri, our funniest member, constantly takes photographs of us because she says, “soon, that’s all we will have to remember one another.”  Her beloved mother has Alzheimer’s and the sisters take turns having her live with them in their homes around the country.  Soon, they must find her a permanent care facility.  Her mother’s only request is, “I just don’t want to be alone.”

There’s a lunar eclipse at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and if there’s a parting in the clouds, like there was this morning, it will be magnificent to see.  The Universe goes on, showing us its magic, keeping us in balance as we get glimpses now and then, of our unsettled future.

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