So long, May.

_DSC0049 05.28.15  Everybody was lethargic in yoga class yesterday morning.  We said it was because we’d become accustomed to all that sunny weather the past month, and today was back to normal again with a light misty rain and clouds moving across the sky.  Ordinarily, as i wrote here this time last year, there is a “long road to summer” and we impatiently wait and wait for the rains to end and the air to heat up.  (As everywhere, who knows what “normal” is anymore?)  But, it amazes me, as it often does, how entirely different it feels between summer and winter.  They are two different ways of being in the world; two different energy levels entirely.  Some people can’t tolerate how they feel in the long, dark, gray winters–it took me a long time to sink into it and appreciate the darkness.  But, everyone loves the summers of long days in sunshine, blue water, crystal skies, and we are worn out by the frenzy of activity when it’s over.

May is coming to a close, and it’s been a lovely bridge between winter and the coming summer.  The air is soft and full of the sweet smell of blossoms and cottonwoods.  The lake level is rising now as the rivers feed it, and each day I see it cover up another step on the dock ladder.  Soon there will be the buzz of boats out there and the beauty in seeing a sailboat illuminated by the sun.  These transitions are comforting for me.  They help me retire my winter’s habits and give me a chance to rub the sand out of my eyes and wake up before the high energy season arrives.  I’ve had time to rearrange the furniture to face away from the fireplace and out to the lake; the sailboat collection is gliding across the mantle; marine-striped throw pillows are set on the chairs and the wool throws have been stored away.  And, if June is “normal” it will be rainy and chilly and I’ll be stuck in the starting blocks, impatiently waiting for the gun to go off.

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