Change in the weather…

changeinweatherDSC0007 06.13.15  There’s been a lot of drama around here for the past 24 hours as a new weather system blows in from Canada.   The wind chime has been clanging for what feels like forever.  The kitties are horrified by the big winds and are hiding in the bushes.  The beach is washing away in the waves.  I’ve closed all the windows and we are about to tuck in for the night under the down comforter.   It’s supposed to be in the mid-30’s when we awaken in the morning.

Oh these big weather changes are unsettling!  Like the cats, I am rattled by the ferocity of the winds, the logs washing onshore from the lake, the tree limbs bending back and forth.  There is  probably something very primal in our response to big winds, which signal an abrupt change in the weather pattern, charging the atmosphere and the very quality of the air.  It’s completely out of our control.  And, like most Change in life, a certain amount of Dead Reckoning is involved to successfully navigate our course to the next destination.

2 thoughts on “Change in the weather…

  1. Mary

    Rebecca….this is crazy!! The water looks so fierce. Are those logs that I will need to move when we visit? 30 degrees….brrrrr

    1. rebsuebauder Post author

      MARY..all is calm again on the waterfront! We had friends for dinner last night and ate on the terrace, then sat on the dock for the sunset. We did wear fleece–but this is more typical weather for us. Can’t wait for you to enjoy it with us! xxoo Rebecca


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