“All quiet on the western front”

6.24 06.24.15  It is so trivial to quote the German author, Remarque, and his famous book in 1929 about trench warfare, at a time like this.  Yet, with weather forecasts about historic heat and our unprecedented low snow pack, it is easy to feel like some sort of Armageddon is upon us!  We went for a pint at the little local brewery nearby tonight and everyone was thrilled about the hot summer days coming our way.  These are long-timers in the Valley, and when we brought up forest fire threats throughout the West, they all remembered 2001 and 2003 and how awful it was to have the skies full of smoke and ash falling on our cars, but there was certainly no sense that it would happen again this year.  Cheers to our long-awaited summer days!

The past few days and nights have been utterly still, with a high cloud cover, and a bit humid–muggy, if it were warmer.  It’s perfect for a late afternoon nippy nap.  I find myself remembering long and muggy summer days in Boston, when the girls were little.  We would all take a nap late in the afternoons, after spending the morning at Farm Pond, swimming and having a picnic lunch.  The breeze would make the parchment window shades snap against the window as I lay in my bed, waiting for it to cool off.  The day seemed to drag on forever.  I made dinner early, as their Dad was usually gone for the night, working at the hospital, and the girls would play outside afterwards while I mowed the lawn or tended to flowers.  Sometimes, we’d go to Friendly’s for an ice cream cone and I’d hose them down in the yard when we got home.  When the mosquitos and lightning bugs came out, I’d put them in the bath and they were off to bed by 8 pm.  I suppose I went to bed not long after they did.  I just remember having a child-like sense of time in the summer back then.  Long, lazy and hazy days.

We get to have the grandkids here during this hot spell, while their parents float the Missouri River.  It will be a grand time to be on the water for us all.  I think it would be a very good thing for me to fall back into summer’s child-like sense of time and soak in these long and hot summer days at the lake rather than long for the rain we never had.  A good intention for my yoga practice this morning–BeHereNow.

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