Sailing on in Summer

_DSC0018 07.16.15  We’ve just passed the mid-point of July.  The grandkids have come and gone, guests have come and gone, the heat wave came and went, I came and went, and it’s STILL summer!  I can’t believe we are not looking around the corner into Autumn by now.  Summer usually goes by so quickly but I am in some sort of time warp.  Maybe it was the drought and the month-long historic heat wave all of June, and our fear that the forests would be on fire and the smoke would envelop us and we wouldn’t get to enjoy our ordinarily brief summer.  All I know is that I am suddenly aware that here I am, in the middle of summer as it turns out!  The air is cool and clear and thunderstorms have been bringing sweet-smelling showers in the afternoons.  What a surprise to realize there is more time left in this splendid season.  I guess I must have been on fast-forward.   I’m re-setting right now.

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