End of July

_DSC0075 07.31.15  July ends with a blue moon.  The Earth&Sky blog says we won’t have two moons again in the month of July until 2034, so it was worth getting out of bed early, grabbing my camera, and running down to the dock in my jammies to take a photo this morning.  It has been coming up over the dark trees in the forest like a bright white spotlight the last few nights, bathing everything in light.  The deer have had a heyday–decimating the geranium pots down at water’s edge, and cleaning out my kitchen window box.  Well, tomorrow is August.

July feels like it has gone on forever.  We’ve had record heat, cold rain, wind, family visits, friend visits, dozing in the hammock, dinners on the terrace, boat rides, books read in the dappled light on the beach.  A full moon at the start of the month and a full month on the closing day.  All of summer has been lived in this one glorious month.

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