Last geranium


09.15.15  I took this photo Saturday morning, as the beautiful clear sunshine began to pour down the lawn to the terrace.  This is the last geranium pot to be untouched by deer.  I’ve added purple chrysanthemums on the table, but they won’t last long as frost will soon descend over us in the coming weeks.  But, I could have extra time because of the warming effect of the lake.  I love mums.  Back in the day, we all wore mum corsages at the high school homecoming game.  How silly that would seem to the girls in my grandson’s high school class!  I can still remember when I was first allowed to wear a black dress.   My mother made me a gorgeous black wool jersey sheath, lined in silk, with zippers at the wrists to allow my small forearms to slip into the tight sleeves.  The burnt orange mum corsage looked beautiful on the dress in October.  That was–literally–a half century ago.

Fall is like that–bringing back sensual memories of black silk, the scent of a puffy orange mum, music at the dance, and the sweet smell of decaying fruit and leaves, wood smoke floating on crisp air.  Such a bittersweet juxtaposition of what we’ve left behind, mingled with the beginnings of a bright new season decorated in blazing reds and golds and oranges.

There’s a fierce north wind blowing waves over the dock right now, as a series of three distinctive fronts move in on us in the coming week.  I doubt that we will see another morning like this one at the lake in 2015.  But, there will be exquisite Autumn days as the leaves change color each day, in a season i wish could last forever.

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