As above so below

as above so below - 1

09.21.15  I keep coming across the phrase, “as above so below”.  I see references to Christianity, but also find it attributed to magic, Isaac Newton, Buddhism, the occult. I noticed it engraved on a silver bracelet in the Signals catalog, mailed to “fans and friends of public television.” If a bracelet is for sale in the Signals catalog with this inscription, I am WAY behind in appreciation of the phrase.  (But, maybe it was the phrase, “all shall be well” inscribed on the bracelet…).

Last night’s sunset was “as above so below” and “all shall be well”.  I went to a Dharma talk at my yoga studio on Friday.  I’ve never been to one of those before either, but we are discussing the Sutras, which, as a member of my yoga class said, in response to why she was there, “I’m here because I don’t know the difference between an asana and a sutra.”  I may not know the sutras, but I have a few asanas (yoga poses) under by belt by now, so I was relieved.  We discussed the very first sutra which is about “integration” of mind, body and spirit.  Our discussion made a huge circle around this concept, but I think we kinda got it, even as we didn’t know the language for it.

Something in this view of the sky at the lake made it more clear.  As I stood on the dock to take the photo, I thought about Duncan and Anna, years ago, asking me if after I was dead, and was a star in the sky, would I be able to still see them.  We talked about how we’d all been learning that we are actually made of star-dust.  The same DNA above as below.  Really, maybe that’s all there is to it.  And, “all shall be well”.

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