“Try to remember, the kind of September…”


10.07.15  Just home from California, tonight I listened to Josh Groban on PBS, singing from Stages, his latest album of famous legendary songs from the stage.  Sometimes, life feels big enough for that kind of music.  On our last week-end in September, we were at a gorgeous VRBO in Healdsburg, and swam in the pool in golden harvest light with the grandkids, and their Mom and Dad, and Auntie Sarah and Uncle Nick, and Valerie said, “we wish this would never end.”

“try to remember, when life was so tender, that no one wept except the willow”.

There are times when life is exactly like that.  And, today, there was the lightest of misting rain on the gold and red leaves falling down at our house.  The lake is calm and quiet.  We are home.

1 thought on ““Try to remember, the kind of September…”

  1. Mary

    So happy it was full of sun, fun, family and memories….woo hoooo You are so lucky and insightful to make these memories.


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