Falling colors


10.09.15  I thought I might miss the gorgeous Fall colors, but we got home in time.  In fact, the Tamaracks have not fully turned their needles into gold and they will linger on the pine- forested hills until close to Thanksgiving.  I was reading my book down at the lake yesterday on a stunningly vibrant, warm and quiet afternoon.  Every once in a while, a tiny breeze riffled the water and ruffled the yellow and red leaves over my head, and they drifted down through their branches to rest on my open book.  The stone stairs are dusted with yellow Paper Birch leaves and there is a rosy salmon-colored bush in the woods that I photographed close-up, thinking how I might make that shade with my watercolors.

We’re expecting a big wind event here late in the day tomorrow with three-foot waves and tree blow-downs.  Maybe a drop or two of rain.  I suspect, most of our leaves will fall.  I always remember that third week-end in October, when we lived on the Maple tree-lined street in town, and a big wind blew in and ALL the leaves exploded off their branches and rained down on the sidewalk at one time.  People came out of their houses to hear the sound.  Maybe it will happen again.  I’ll be watching.

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