Back home to Christmas


12.12.15.  It was 60 sunny degrees in Denver, and, despite the holiday decorations in my brother’s room, it was not Christmas in the bone marrow transplant ward at the hospital.  As Mary and i discussed, there is an eerie science fiction sensation to be in such places.  But, now I am home to rain mixed with snow every day, and my house of Christmas, and trying to settle into the season.  We’re going to the movies today to see “The Martian”, which will probably delay my re-settlement, but alas…these things take time.

Yesterday, I laid out my busy schedule of unpacking, online Christmas shopping, catching up with friends on the phone, sorting mail and packages, and studying the news stories I’d missed.  I’d gone for a run when it was light enough in the morning, but an afternoon walk was part of the plan, after 12 hours days in a hospital room.   But, it grew dark before I could get out again for my walk.  I rushed down to the dock to take a sunset photo and join the kitties–they still wait for me to go down to the beach at the cocktail hour, as if it were Summer–but it was too late to drive into town for a little walk.  There is really only six hours of filtered light at this time of year so close to the Solstice; a fact I’m stunned by every single December.  So, I lit the candles and photographed our Christmas tree, and just tried to be back home to Christmas.

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