A grand afternoon

sunshine - 1

01.19.16  Well, what do you know!  Out came the sun yesterday.  There has not been sunshine like this streaming into my living room for over a month now.  Even the solar-operated traffic signs, which flash my speed as I drive by, have gone dark.  When we tuned into the Denver Broncos game on Sunday, I kept saying, “wow–look at that sunshine washing across the field.”  It is easy to forget that a winter day can be filled with such light.  There’s dense fog out my window again this morning, but, boy, did I make the most of yesterday.  After yoga class in town, I drove to Somers Bay and trudged through snow to take photos of the sunshine in the south and the robin’s egg blue patches of sky.  A man and a woman got out of their cars beside the highway to do the same thing.  I envied them with their DSLR cameras–I most always take mine with me everywhere I go, but haven’t bothered on this long string of dreary days.

And then home, sweet home.  A new book had arrived in the mail, and I was able to sit on the sofa with my back to the windows, and have sunshine illuminate the pages.  I could barely concentrate on the story, so busy watching the light flood across my living room.  A grand afternoon.

“Isn’t it true that a pleasant house makes winter more poetic, and doesn’t winter add to the poetry of a house?” –Charles Baudelaire

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