february frost2 - 1

02.03.16  February, I hardly knew thee!  That’s how I’m feeling, newly home from California, and leaving again tomorrow for Sun Valley, and then there’s the week-end coming up at Joy’s cabin, and the flight across the country to Vermont at the end of the month.  As we rushed out the door yesterday to have dinner at a friend’s house, the sun was a spotlight on my asparagus fern in the silver champagne bucket, on the table in the living room.  I wished I could just sit there, and watch the light wash over, and then wash away, as day turned to evening.  I’m missing that kind of time and space.

But, off we went, with pink and blue reflected in the shiny ice on the highway, as setting sunlight draped the snowy world in February colors, like the red barn silhouetted against the darkening sky, in the middle of a wide field of snow.  The frigid air was crystalline this morning on my drive to town, and I almost couldn’t bear the beauty of frosty trees about to sparkle like diamonds in the morning sunshine.  I must remember, as I pack my bags again, that I can find February in all the winter places I am traveling to this month.  I just need to look at the road in front of me, and I won’t miss a thing.

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