Sweet dreams

laundry - 1

04.20.16  First day back from California and it’s warm and sunny enough to hang my sheets out on the clothesline.  I know there aren’t many people who would be excited by this event, but I love the whole experience.  Standing outside the boat house, I can watch diamond sparkles on the water, listen to the breeze move the top of the tall pines, and watch the pair of osprey soaring overhead on the thermals, with the chance I’ll hear a loon.  I’m always filled with memories of my Mom and hot summer days in Ohio, when we four kids would play house under the tents which the bed sheets made as they draped over the line.  I can tell you exactly how to place the wooden clothes pin to hold a shirt or trousers, but I only do my sheets.  The reward, of course, is closing your eyes at night on a fluffy pillow, pulling the sheet up to your chin, and smelling the sunshine and fresh air that filled the day.  Add the moonlight, and it’s impossible to not have sweet dreams.

The rest of the week is forecast to be 70-80 degree warm sunshine, before more normal temperatures return on the week-end.  It couldn’t be a better homecoming for putting the wooden screen doors on the lakeside front porch, cleaning the windows, and getting the wicker furniture out from the boathouse.  I always rearrange the living room furniture inside, changing the seating views from the rock fireplace to the lake outside.  It’s like getting ready for the upcoming big show, Summer.

Then it gets cool and rains and we get the fire going again for several weeks inside, but I don’t care.  This week, Summer is on her way.


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