Rainy and cool

rainy day - 1


The sun came out for a while yesterday, and the new snow on the mountain peaks was crisp against patches of blue sky.  The canola fields are nearing their prime.  The sunshine predicted next week, in time for the Summer Solstice, will explode those lovely yellow blossoms into their full glory.  I’m really looking forward now to Summer!

But, this week, it’s just rainy and cool.  It seems very fitting for the tragedies in our midst.  I’ve felt quiet and low-energy, and have spent a lot of time just reading.  One afternoon, I took my book and wool throw, and read for several hours on the window seat in the dormitory room–the Goldilocks room, as the grandkids call it, with four beds lined up in a row.  The rain and wind drenched and twirled the Aspen leaves on the tree which grows against the diamond panes, and the roar of the waves nearly drowned out the ticking of the mantle clock in the hallway.  It was lovely to be up there, where all the children have been these past fourteen years.  Canvas photos of them cover the walls and an old flash card, which reads child in red ink hangs above the window.  Could there ever be a better place to soothe one’s soul…

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