Keeping warm


birthday - 1


We are now past the mid-point of July, but it was so chilly on the dock yesterday morning, as it has been for weeks.  We’ve struggled to reach 70 degrees here at the lake and most days there’s a rain shower or two.  Our furnace comes on each morning.  Usually, come mid-July, summer is in full swing–suppers are outside, ceiling fans are perpetually running, and all the windows are open wide.  They “say” we will hit the 80’s, finally, next week, but it’s felt fitting, in these wee early mornings, after Nice, to just feel cold.

Many nights, before going to sleep, I read Thich Nhat Hanh, to quiet my head and my heart.  I found him online, the other morning:

I hold my face between my hands
no I am not crying

I hold my face between my hands
to keep my loneliness warm
two hands protecting
two hands nourishing
two hands to prevent

my soul from leaving me
in anger

But, on this morning, it is a brand new day and we’re having a birthday party for Anna!  She and Duncan decorated the porch first thing when they awakened, and, now, as I write this, they are bundled up in sweatshirts, hunting for snakes down by the water.  We stay warm, together, we stay warm.



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