August’s finale

promise of fall - 1


What changes have been in the skies this week!  Last Saturday was the most beautiful day in all of Summer   I had the house to myself, and after sunset,  I sat on the porch in candlelight, unable to quit on the day.  I watched the stars take their position over the lake, and finally crawled into bed near midnight.  I slept on sheets which had hung in that sweet air all day.  I sensed that this would be the last true day of Summer, with the promise of Fall so close at hand.

On the very next day, fires blew up all around us, and by bedtime, I couldn’t see across the smoke-choked lake.  Monday morning, ash covered the cars and it dusted books and computers left by open windows.   We closed up the house and I felt hermetically sealed.   At last, the weathervane began spinning around and the winds shifted to bring in cool, clean Canadian air from the north, and last night’s sunset watch from the dock was peaceful and quiet.   The boats are now leaving.  Sarah remarked that the air felt so soft.

Mornings are chilly and the long shadows of early Autumn fall across the yard.   I’m closing the lace curtains in the kitchen, to cover windows blackened by night at bedtime.  This evening, Sarah and dog, Monty, will join us for their final summer sunset watch from the dock.  She and I are packed for the road trip in the early morning, returning her to home in Oakland.   I’ll be home by sunset on August’s final day.  Then, it is September.  Autumn is truly at our doorstep…we say goodbye to Summer.


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