Coming on fast

coming on fast - 1


The furnace has been coming on the past few mornings and I’m lighting a candle now while I make my coffee.  Several low pressure systems, one after another, having been blanketing the state with clouds and rain and cool days.  But, the lake has been quiet and still, and we even had dinner the other night on the porch, tartan throws over our laps.  We sat there a long time, listening to the last sounds of summer.  From the north, the finale of the guitar festival at The Lodge drifted in the air, and a wedding celebration somewhere south was in full swing.   Guests at the wedding have been renting the Brown’s cabin next door, and we’ve heard them play badminton and yard games in the big meadow the past couple of days.  A party boat went by their dock with people laughing and jumping into the water, and swimming out to say hello to their friends.  The lights have been on late, everyone having fun on the fleeting days of vacation.

When we went out for our run early this morning, all the cars were gone over at the cabin; we never heard them leave.  It felt lonely all of a sudden.  I walked awhile in our woods and in the Brown’s meadow, where the apples and pears hang as heavy weights on their branches.   The bushes lining the road are all gold and crimson, but they’ve been like that since mid-August, and our Oregon grape bushes, oddly, have been this color for months.  But, it all felt very different this morning, with Fall coming on fast.

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