Welcome home



We were away from home, during a critical week in the holiday season.   Winter rolled in at full speed while we were gone, with snow and Arctic temperatures.  As we made the trip back home Sunday, I divided up the process of return into six distinct stages:  1) making it to the airport with an easy car rental return on a snowy morning; 2) getting through Security smoothly, 3) an on time flight, 4)  luggage that made it, 5) safe passage down our steep snow-covered road to the house,  5) Gary, our remaining cat, warm in the garage.  It’s certainly clear that I am not an easy traveler!  All five steps in the journey were successful, but now I am feeling an urgency to catch up for the critical week I have lost.

I’m taking an online photography class with Kim Manley Ort called “Celebrate Impermanence.”  I was dutiful in my daily assignments while away, and it gave me good grounding to photograph,  while missing home, which I always do when I travel.    Today’s assignment is “Live Immediately” and Kim posted this quote for us to consider as we go about the day:

“The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy, which hangs upon tomorrow and loses today.  The whole future lies in uncertainty; live immediately.”  Seneca, The Shortness of Life.

“Expectancy”–yes, it’s a big obstacle.

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