Bon voyage!



“Winter is not over!” read the forecast a few days ago and it’s been snowing off and on ever since, interrupting the big melt.  Just as I was beginning to photograph spring-blue water and sky out my window.  Sigh.  Tomorrow, in the dark and snowy pre-dawn hours, we are off to the airport for the long journey of planes, trains, and automobiles to the Swiss Alps.  Whenever we leave home in late winter,  we always expect it to look different when we arrive back, but it doesn’t.  It is more than likely it will look just like it does now when we return mid-March.   But much will have changed in our absence.   Daylight Savings Time will have started, adding an extra hour of light at the end of the day.  Sunset, on the day we get home, will be at 7:43 p.m., which means the light won’t leave the sky until close to 9:00.   The Full Worm Moon will have occurred, just a few days before our arrival, and the official start of Spring just days away.  Already, the male Red Wing Blackbirds have returned and the geese are honking as they look for their mates.

I always feel like I am chained to a rock when I prepare to leave on a long trip.  Sarah asked me the other day why there is so much trepidation, and I rambled on about all the things there are to do, and the anxiety in leaving the house, and the kitties unattended, and all will be abandoned down here in my little corner of the world.  It’s as if Life itself can’t go on without me here.   Sigh.

Winter may not be over just yet, but the Earth is calmly turning on its axis in its customary rhythmic pattern, all without my personal assistance.  My anxiety about leaving is really quite inconsequential in the grand scheme of it all.   Of course.  Sigh.   So, as I watch the snow out the window and pack my bags, the famous quote by Julian of Norwich, the medieval Christian mystic, passes through my mind:  “All shall be well and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”  She supposedly said this on her deathbed, having survived three Plagues and losing everyone she had loved to death.  Time for me to loosen that chain and bon voyage to Switzerland!

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